What Is Happy Hour?

History of Happy Hour

The origin of the term "happy hour" is set on American Navy ships at sea in the 1920s. Being without liquor and ladies, soldiers took an hour to box and wrestle midday, keeping them happy as a proper enough means of emitting testosterone. Simultaneously, the National Prohibition Act--informally the Volstead Act--enabled the 18th Amendment, disallowing restaurants from serving alcoholic beverages with dinner. As a response, anti-prohibitionists hosted patrons at speakeasies to have a drink before supper time.

Eventually, a '60s article in the Saturday Evening post reminisced on the Navy tradition. Consequently, happy hours caught on in cities and towns across the country. Establishments saw this a potentially successful means of curving daily demand trends and increasing off-peak hourly revenue. Competition, however, remained fierce and locations searched for the answer of differentiation. A pub was the first to bolster these pre-dinner menus with discounted appetizers. A night club pioneered the late-night trend, bringing back special offers on drinks after the final food rush, to stimulate an earlier crowd of nightlife visitors.

Now, Happy Hours can be found at nearly every bar or brewery across the country, using offers on their craft beers as a successful marketing tool. Certain bars have even survived solely off of their midday drinking crowd. With a large portion of participants being workers that recently left the office, each bar was required to pay high attention to their reputation and ambiance. Unfortunately, a multitude of irresponsible drinkers stirred angry commotion in various communities. As a result, any designation of time to a discounted alcoholic beverage was banned in certain of the United States--for example, Massachusetts and Indiana.

DrankBank Is Re-Writing History

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