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DrankBank was created to help people find the best local Drink Specials. It doesn't matter if its 1pm or 1am, if there's a deal in your area, we'll find it. Simply select a city and use the Drink Specials calendar to cash-in on offers going on right now at bars near you. With so many discounts out there, you will not regret investing some time in our complete list of current offers from across the nation.

DrankBank is where people go to easily find their local drink specials.

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We want to make sure you and your crew never have trouble finding the perfect place for going out. Whether you are hanging with some coworkers after work or looking to go clubbing with your friends on the weekend, we have all of the listings so you can be fully aware of your options. You can even make sure you save a few bucks by finding the best specials on all of your favorite drinks. Have fun using DrankBank today and please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.