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Here is a great list of bars in different places around the country. Locate one that will cater to your mood, no matter what time it is. There are plenty of places that offer special deals on drinks every day of the week throughout the entire year. Make sure you are not one of the people that misses out on the opportunity to save a few bucks when you are out getting beer, wine, shots, or cocktails. With so many discounts available, it is hard to ever find yourself paying full price at a bar.

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Dating back to Roman times, bars were established as a place for travelers to take a rest and enjoy refreshing ale. Although the beverage had been around for ages, it was generally offered only in domestic settings before the creation of transportation systems. This network of roads stimulated a more appealing environment for retail shops to open up, and bars were established to provide refreshments to the new potential patrons that would cross their way every day.

As bars opened their doors, a need for local, national, and even international governance arose. Breweries and liquor companies were setting up shop throughout the world and rules needed to be put in place to ensure fair trade and safeguard against irresponsible consumption. Similarly, there rose a growing need for bars to differentiate themselves from their competition. As the audience grew and became more diverse, people began looking for places that would cater specifically to their tastes. Thus, small towns and big cities alike begun to establish sports bars with big televisions, lounges with casual seating, and nightclubs with deejays and dance floors. Now there is something for everyone.